Article — 1 Dec 2019

Building with shells – historical references

Article — 10 Oct 2019

Using Local Landscape Materials

We aim to create and sustain places that feel rooted in the landscape, that reflect and enhance the lives and pursuits of the people who inhabit them.

Reposted from localworkstudio Some samples leaving the workshop today. Internal plasters and external renders made from site-based materials 🌾🌱🌿for our project in #southdownsnationalpark with bbm_sustainable_design #lwsjournal #landscapearchitecture ...

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Making Falu Röd paint for project samples - traditionally used in Sweden to preserve softwood cladding. Made from Rye flour, linseed oil, water and iron oxide (rust). #lwsjournal ...

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Traditional hay drying #faroeislands #landscapearchitecture #traditionalfarming #lwsjournal ...

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