Article — 10 Oct 2019

Using Local Landscape Materials

We aim to create and sustain places that feel rooted in the landscape, that reflect and enhance the lives and pursuits of the people who inhabit them.

Very grateful to @heritagecrafts for awarding us a generous grant from their latest round of funding 💥♻️💥@sussexheritagetrust #buildingcraft #wasteisaresource #learningfromthevernacular #lwsjournal ...

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Really happy to have started our work @glyndebourne for a project run by @bakerbrown_studio. We are currently collecting the Glyndebourne glass waste, which will be crushed and transformed into bespoke building materials and features for a new permanent pavilion within the gardens. We are also collecting raw excavated chalks, clays and plant materials from the surrounding estate. 🍾 🍹 🍺 🍷 ♻️♻️♻️ #architecture #reuse #wasteisaresource #glyndebourne #southdownsnationalpark #lwsjournal ...

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