Repair and reuse

Feature design, Materials, Planning, Repair

Repurposing an historic building on the Thames beach in West London into new artist workspaces.

We are currenly working with Assemble architects on an amazing project to repair and reuse a former artist studio on the River Thames. Durham Wharf is an early twentieth century industrial site and the former home and workspace of the artists Julian Trevelyan and Mary Fedden.

We are involved in the repair of retained buildings and the design and development of new, bespoke materials and features for internal and external finishes. The new materials are being designed to incorporate site-based waste and will hopefully be processed in-situ, cutting down on deliveries and procurement of building products.

Sample development using glazed tiles made by Granby Workshop
Prototyping ideas for external facade

Project: Repair and reuse

Collaborators: Assemble, Granby Workshop

Location: Durham Wharf, London

Date: 2014 – ongoing