De-construction and circular design

Research, Materials, Planning

An investigation into the potential of using circular design principles for site works at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

We were commissioned by the RHS to conduct a feasibility study into the potential reuse of materials from their de-constructed buildings within the gardens.

Our work was completed as part of a strategic investment program and promoted careful de-construction and reuse of buildings and features, good stewardship of materials and resources, and a visitor engagement proposal focusing on the reuse of materials, making and skills training.


Site-based waste materials could be seen as a resource for reuse, rather than an expensive problem for removal.

Our project informed the potential of material reuse that might otherwise have been missed, if a traditional linear construction program is followed: demolition; clearance; construction with new materials.

Most significantly after our report was issued decisions were made to de-construct and relocate two key structures and the reuse of many materials that might otherwise have become part of a demolition and removal  program.

Project: Deconstruction and circular design

Collaborators: RHS

Date: 2019 – ongoing