Winning the clay in Erith

Research, Feature design, Materials

Sourcing local clay and designing ceramic materials and features for The Exchange, Erith - a community run organisation that has repurposed Erith’s Old Library building and grounds to inspire new community-led programmes and activities.

‘Winning the clay’ is a phrase used historically by brick makers when new materials were found that were suitable for brick making. We are mapping the area of London, near to The Exchange site, that has a long history of brick making, producing the famous London Stock Brick from the Crayford Brick Earth deposit.

Research into Erith's Brickearth materials
Traditional London Stock Brick, made from Crayford Brickearth blended with waste from London
Brick making workshop
Brick making workshop
Bricks made by visitors to The Exchange

Project: Winning the clay in Erith

Collaborators: The Exchange, Sarah Price Landscapes

Location: Erith, London

Date: 2021 – ongoing